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LightApply: specialized platform for temporary work agencies

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We simplify the daily activities of coordinators, recruiters and managers in temporary work agencies. In the LightApply system they can operate more efficiently and conveniently than was ever possible before. LightApply is a secure platform in the cloud that will solve many everyday challenges.

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LightApply platform advantages

Quick implementation

LightApply was created with temporary work agencies in mind. Our system can be implemented in your agency in 1 day.

Information transparency

Access to employee data and documents is convenient and fast. The management dashboards in LightApply show clear summaries.

Easy collaboration

For any activity in the LightApply system, you can work as a team. You can assign appropriate rights to all employees of the agency.

Data security

Data can only be accessed by authorised users who log in using an encrypted connection. We store all information on secure servers of reputable providers.

GDPR compliance

We store and process all personal data in accordance with GDPR rules. We anonymise all data on which consents have expired.


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Do you run a temporary employment agency or are you a coordinator or recruiter? See for yourself how quickly you can benefit from the advantages of the LightApply platform.

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