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Why choose LightApply?

1-day set-up
A system ready to go in as little as 1 working day. After one online meeting, your entire team can use LightApply effectively.

Data in one place
You store the most important data in a user-friendly system: employee files, employment information, accommodation and much more.

Reducing costs
Don't waste time and money implementing complex IT systems. Choose a solution with an affordable monthly subscription and no hidden costs.

Quick overview of data
Summary data on agency activity visible immediately after logging in. Clear graphs show the current situation.

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Selected features of LightApply

Employee files

Create a digital version of temporary staff files with all attachments

  • Access to up-to-date data for all office staff
  • Quick preview of attachments in a browser without having to download them
  • Quick employee search by data, tags, statuses
  • Reminders of important dates for each temporary employee and expiry of documents

Document generator

Create any document from your own templates in just a few clicks

  • Unlimited number of customised templates for employee, flat, project and customer documents
  • Automatic data input from the system during document generation
  • Visual (WYSWIG) editor to control the appearance of documents
  • Ability to download, print or attach a document as a PDF to the relevant eployee record


Make efficient use of your housing resources and reduce maintenance costs

  • Define housing, rooms and room locations in a simple wizard
  • Assign employees without accommodation to vacant places in flats
  • Accessible view of accommodation occupancy levels

Project/order management

Organise cooperation with clients and control staffing levels in projects

  • Manage clients, projects and positions and define demand
  • Easy assignment of employees to positions in projects
  • Quick overview of staffing levels and lists of employees in projects

Recruitment management

Benefit from an advanced recruitment module, tailored to the needs of temporary employment agencies

  • Flexible definition of processes, e.g. with residence and work legalisation steps for foreign candidates
  • Definition of your own recruitment questions and application forms
  • Easy team coordination, including inviting colleagues to work with offers
  • Possibility to create a talent database compliant with GDPR regulations

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