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    What is an average number of temporary employees managed by your agency monthly?

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    up to 100 employees
    up to 7 users
    up to 0 activerecruitments

    119 EUR/month

    • employees records with reminders
    • recruitment module with talent pool
    • customer and project management
    • housing management
    • storage of files in records for employees, clients, projects and housing
    • user management
    • GDPR compliance
    • support: contact by e-mail and in-app chat
    Choose Glow


    up to 100 employees
    up to 7 users
    up to 10 active recruitments

    179 EUR/month

    same as Glow package and:

    • document generator
    • managing/planning employment and accommodation in time
    • tasks and reminders
    • time records
    • reports
    • support: contact by e-mail with a dedicated assistant
    Choose Shine


    up to 100 employees
    up to 7 users
    up to 10 active recruitments


    same as Shine package and:

    • process automation
    • communicator (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail, SMS)
    • employee portal
    • access for customers and partners
    • support: contact by e-mail and phone with a dedicated assistant
    • online and telephone consultations 1h/month
    Available Q4 2024

    NOTE: All prices in this price list are net amounts and do not include VAT.