Case Study Advatech

Advatech is a company with Polish capital, which is at the forefront of IT integrators on the Central European market. Increasingly higher positions in national rankings such as Computerworld TOP200 or ITwiz Best 100 testify to the dynamic development of the company, both financially and in terms of personnel. The competence of Advatech employees is confirmed by numerous certificates, while our many years of experience and know-how enable us to provide comprehensive customer service.

The company was founded in 1998 and has four branches in Poland (Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw, Katowice). Advatech cooperates with all the leading IT manufacturers in the world, including IBM, Oracle, Dell Technologies, HPE, VMware, Akamai Technologies.

How Advatech takes care of the Candidate Experience

Advatech owes its position in the industry in terms of hiring high–class specialists. The key in attracting them, from the very beginning of the company's existence, was the high standards of the recruitment process provided by the HR department. Anna Walecka, company’s HR expert, strived to take care of candidates at all stages of the recruitment process, while at the same time she was committed to reaching the best candidates applying to Advatech. Along with the dynamic growth of the company, Anna began to fear that the number of CVs coming in and the multitude of recruitment processes would not allow her to maintain a high level of Candidate Experience, which would also translate into a good image of the company as an employer.

During the month of publication, we received 382 CVs (not counting applications for other jobs active at the time and applications from our employees' referrals). Contacting each candidate would require 19 interviews per day. In a company like Advatech, where HR encompasses both administrative, recruitment and soft HR activities, this was simply not possible.
~Anna Walecka, an HR expert at Advatech

The challenge we started with

Anna aimed to maximise the efficiency of the HR department and automate some administrative activities, as the status quo could have led to:

  • overlooking the best candidates as they get lost in the recruitment process (CVs come from advertising portals as well as from referrals);
  • lowering Employer Branding, as candidates who do not meet the recruitment requirements may wait too long to receive feedback from the company;
  • the prolonged recruitment processes;
  • the increased recruitment costs.
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Recruitment with LightApply

While diagnosing the method of acquiring new employees for Advatech, we concluded that the work of the HR department could be improved by centralising the recruitment processes. It was necessary to implement ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – an electronic recruitment support system. The web-based platform delivered by LightApply enables quick management of all ongoing recruitment processes and automates communication with candidates. The first step necessary to ensure a good Candidate Experience was the preparation of recruitment process templates for the IT and sales departments to efficiently allocate candidates to the right experts involved in the recruitment of new employees. Advatech is a company that needs top-class specialists "on the spot", so an important aspect was to minimise the recruitment time (Time to Hire). To this end, the HR department was given the option of generating a personalized application form for a specific job offer, which makes it possible to obtain valuable information about the candidate already at the application stage. To improve the Candidate Experience, each candidate applying for a job at Advatech can benefit from a quick view of the details of the recruitment they are involved in by accessing their individual candidate dashboard. In addition, the candidates receive information about any change made to the status of their process via email.

Workflow templates configurator at the LightApply system

Effects of the ATS implementation in the company

The introduction of the LightApply platform had a very positive impact on the Advatech's recruitment processes. Candidates appreciated the way the company communicates with them. With the help of new tools, it was possible to significantly increase the efficiency and pace of recruitment in the company. Processes related to handling candidates are properly controlled, and all queries of applicants are answered quickly. This was particularly important in the case of a one-person HR department working simultaneously on recruitment projects and internal initiatives.

What do our customer say about us?

Anna Walecka, an HR expert at Advatech

We decided to work with LightApply permanently after a 30-day trial period. During this time we conducted two recruitments, so we were able to get to know the system well. The system offered by LightApply has allowed me to maintain control over the recruitment processes. I don't have to worry about candidates being left unattended, as the ATS keeps them informed of the movements I make within their application. At the same time, in the recruiter view, the LightApply team have added the filters I needed that make my job easier, and through constant contact, we are working out further improvements to the 'Advatech' version of LightApply's ATS. What I really like about working with LightApply is their openness and responsiveness to the suggestions I make, their willingness to help and their valuable guidance. They use not only their knowledge and technical skills but also their experience from being once candidates suspended in a recruitment vacuum of the "we'll get back to you" kind, which I think is extremely valuable.

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