Candidate panel – what is it about, what values does it bring, when might it come in handy?

An efficient and transparent recruitment process is something that every company looking for potential employees should care about. Fortunately, in the age of modern tools and systems, this is easier than ever. You only need to automate the recruitment process in your company, e.g. by using LightApply. One of the functionalities of our tool is a candidate panel that enables you to share crucial information with a potential employee and ensure excellent communication during the recruitment process.

What is the LightApply candidate panel and who can use it?

LightApply consists of two main panels – one for the candidate and one the recruiter. The former is particularly important in building relationships with potential employees and ensuring their comfort. After applying for a position in your company, the candidates are automatically entered into the system and allowed to log in to their panels. Hence, they can check at what stage of employee recruitment they are currently and have access to much different valuable information. The LightApply candidate panel was created to support potential employees and help the company improve the Candidate Experience, which is so important in building a positive company image and relationship with candidates. You can find out why this is so important here. Start free 3 months trial To whom is this solution dedicated? All companies that regularly recruit employees and want to take care of their positive image as an employer on the one hand, and want to treat candidates in the best possible way on the other. The panel will also be an excellent solution for one–person HR departments and those recruiters who, due to a significant number of duties, cannot effectively manage the recruitment process and control tens or hundreds of incoming CVs.

Candidate panel, a great support for potential employees

However, let's focus on your potential employee, as they are the ones who will benefit from LightApply's candidate dashboard. As we mentioned earlier, the candidates are granted access to it after completing the application form – regardless of which job portal they employ. After logging into the panel, the candidates gain an overview of all the recruitment processes they are involved in. They will find out:

  • information about the current stage of their employee recruitment;
  • the fact whether their CV was rejected or qualified for the  next recruitment process stage;
  • the reasons for the rejection of their job application;
  • the length of the current recruitment stage;
  • next recruitment steps awaiting them in the future;
  • the contact details of the recruiter.

What is more, every candidate who has applied for a job advert using LightApply receives email notifications about the progress of the recruitment process. They do not need to create an account for this purpose. Registration is only necessary when the potential employees want to log into the system and check the status of their application directly in the candidate panel. The main benefit for the candidates is their full knowledge of the recruitment process. They receive information in real–time and do not have to wait endlessly for feedback. In this way, they gain the comfort needed in a situation such as applying for a job, which contributes to forming a positive opinion of the company – even if their application is rejected.

Candidate Panel at the LightApply system

How does it work?

To use the candidate panel, the candidates are supposed to:
  • fill in the application form on any job site;
  • create an individual account in the system (by going to, through which you will gain access to your individual candidate panel.

Remember – after filling in the application form, the candidate receives notifications about the status of the recruitment automatically (to the e–mail address provided while sending the application). Using the LightApply candidate panel is simple, intuitive and completely free for the potential employee. The tool provides transparency in the recruitment process.

Take care of the Candidate Experience with the Candidate Panel

Companies that decide to utilise the LightApply system can improve the already mentioned Candidate Experience. It allows for constant communication with the candidates and provides them with all the necessary information about the recruitment process. It also ensures instant feedback – the candidates do not have to wait too long for a decision, which also positively affects their perception of the company. The system allows you to conduct professional recruitments – regardless of the number of applications or the industry in which your company operates. Recruiters, who also get access to their individual panel, can:

  • verify CVs faster;
  • transfer candidates to the next stage by one click;
  • comment on candidates;
  • view the stage the candidates are already at and how they answered questions;
  • centralise the sources from which CVs are received ( and other portals with advertisements).

This is a significant advantage for recruiters and allows them to recruit quickly while taking control of the process. Start free 3 months trial

An ATS unlike any other tool – why is it worth your attention?

The LightApply candidate panel is the answer to the question "how to improve recruitment?". It allows you to take care of the needs of your potential employees in a comprehensive way and build a positive image of your company as an employer. It is worth mentioning that the candidate panel is only one of the functionalities of the LightApply system. It is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that is distinguished from others by the possibility of interacting with a potential employee. Additionally, by using it, a recruiter has access to consultants and is kept informed of updates. If you want to see how it works in practice and if the tool matches your company needs – make an appointment with our specialist and conduct the first recruitment free of charge.